A Day In The Life: Sam Schuman
Founder/Owner and Ringleader of 303Boards' 26+ Years of Service to the Colorado skateboard community. Sam’s days start early with hundreds of emails over coffee with his girlfriend Pauline @active_babypowder their Pug and Frenchy (Merle and Skeletor) and Conure Parrot Lipo. Then he’s off to HQ (our shipping/receiving/online warehouse and Head office) to pay bills, write orders, discuss future designs and collaborations and generally keep the ship afloat, before heading to one of our 3 locations, Colfax in Denver, The Hill in Boulder and our newest location The Annex also in Denver on South Broadway. ⁠

In his downtime you might find Sam out hiking with Pauline and the dogs, skating at 112th, or out exploring skateparks all over the front range with many of the OG 303 team, friends and an assortment of our current team and future prospects. ⁠

From day 1, Sam has been pushing to make 303 Boards the best shop in the world. From filming and editing the first videos in the late 90’s to the thankless, non-stop mountains of paperwork it takes to run a small business, to traveling with the team to other cities across the US of A putting 303 Boards and Colorado on the global map of skateboarding.⁠

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